Kids gifts like Cardtivity teach logic, develop spatial relationships, And encourage planning and organization of both thoughts and actions

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Amazing Construction Toy Kids' Gifts
that make kids shout

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Our gifts for kids are perfect building toys; nothing hard or sharp, limitless building  possibilities, and it breaks down to an extremely  compact size
200+ Cards
100+ Cards
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Our gifts for children are child educationall toys that increases your child's attention span and level of concentration
300+ Cards

Our 250+ hours of testing our kids' toys gives you peace of mind because we take the guesswork out of buying gifts for kids that are fun. You can also feel confident the children's gifts you order for birthday presents or holiday gifts will entertain your child for hours!

To the rescue!! Our gifts for kids are always birthday and Christmas present favorites!

You saved the day!! As usual I waited until the last minute to get the kids' gifts. My twin ten year old boys would have run me out of town if their Mega Combo birthday gifts didn't get here on time. As you can see by the pictures, they've combined all their cards from both sets and built that small house they are sitting inside. They're hoping it gets on the Cardtivity gallery. Great presents. Remarkable gifts for children!!!

- Chelsea G. Sarasota, Florida

Construction gifts for children have been around for years.
What is so special about Cardtivity building toys?

Cardtivity builds simple because of its patented "one card" design. Most of the major brand construction gifts for kids, ages 7+, have brilliant model play sets but the number of different size pieces and their gazillion page instruction booklets can be mind boggling to figure out. We make it simple with our "one card" building toy design and step by step model instructions. (Click for "Watch Ben Build" video demo")

Actual size cards are 3 1/2 inches x 3 1/2 inches

How the building toy plastic cards (not paper model cards) connect:
Each one of our instructional models make great birthday gift ideas

Our construction toys come with easy to follow, kid-toy tested, step by step model instructions along with durable plastic cards (again these are not paper model cards that tear) which can be re-used over and over again for creative toy building.

Example of the ShipVenture Building Toy Step by Step Model Instructions

On that note... just in case you missed "Cardy" earlier...

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Since our construction gifts for children are easy to understand and don't require parents being there every second to answer questions they make great holiday or birthday kids' gifts.

Personally, we think a child gets a higher level of gratification from our children's gifts because most of the kids can complete our construction toys and hobby models.

From: The Creators

Steve Beckman invented Cardtivity Toys which make great birthday gift
Steve Beckman
a.k.a. Story Bookman


Jamie Greenberg company ImagineIF markets toys .that make great Christmas gifts
Jamie Greenberg
a.k.a. The Imaginologist

Dear Fellow Parents and Kids,

We know giving children's gifts is always a special moment. If you're looking for a unique holiday or birthday gift idea for your child, you've come to the right place.

Read some of the kid's gift feedback below and then learn more about our special customer appreciation very limited time offer. See below.

Mary Lou, a grandmother, was looking for a birthday gift idea
when she came across our children's gifts web site.
Coming up with a birthday gift idea is always a brain teaser but after we stumbled upon your site while searching for learning toys and kids gifts it became a no brainer. It was the card designs that caught my eye. I bought the T-Rexerator for my 11 year old grandson but the 8 year old kept bugging him to let him build so I ended up buying the X-Cycle for him. Peace at last!! They expect cool kids gifts from this grandma and you guys didn't let me down. When I need a birthday gift idea I know where to come.

- Mary Lou K., Lubbock, TX

We are always here to answer any questions about
the children's gifts you buy. We want nothing more than for
your children to get the full enjoyment from the kids' toys you
give as Christmas or birthday gifts.

In today's world, if you have a question about a product or present you bought, you're lucky if you can ever get beyond a voice recording. I just want to thank you for your great assistance in explaining Frame 6 in the Basic Building Techniques. Once you helped us through that step we built some pretty neat stuff. I will definitely recommend you to our friends looking for children's gifts with great customer service.

Megan B. Seattle, WA

Our kids' gifts stick around long after the birthday party
is over or the Christmas tree comes down.

You guys get an "A" for the gifts for kids that keep going and going and going. It's been three months after my son received his Cardtivity Christmas gifts and at least a couple of times a week he takes his cards out and builds these wild free form buildings and creatures. There is no doubt about it; this Christmas gift brought out the artist in him. I guess that's why you call your gifts for children "child educational toys" - Best birthday present we ever bought for him!

Sebastian K. Beaverton, OR

Making toys that make such great gifts
for kids is very gratifying.

Occasionally Steve and I will discount toys we overstock. But for a while now, both Steve and myself wanted to come up with an "out of this world" new product, at a real value to show our appreciation for the way you have supported our creative construction toy business.

Well, we think we did it... We took all the cards and step-by-step model instructions from our most popular models which you can order below...

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Any child over the age of seven will enjoy our X-Cycle model
200+ Cards

100+ Cards
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Our gifts for children are child educationall toys that increases your child's attention span and level of concentration
300+ Cards

We figured, if you bought all our kids toys as individual sets you would end up paying $89.99. But because of all the money we save on packaging, labor and the additional sales we'll get from such a great value with everything inside one mega gift kids box...

We can sell it for $49.99.

I remember Steve saying to me, "Jamie we've never had 400, even 500 cards in a set, and now we have building toys that have 600 cards; double the amount of cards we've ever put in a set!! Then he had another brainstorm......(I tell ya, ya just can't stop the imagination from flowing around here:)

Why don't we have the designers come up with a 600 card model and included it in the set with the other 3 building toys?

It was a genius idea and would put the value of this creative toy product through the roof. Based on how we priced our other child educational toys, a 600 card model alone would retail for $69.99! Our radical, coolest of the cool, boys toy designers got to work and completely out did themselves when they came up with a this almost 4 foot tall alien-robot, absolutely looking like he just made a trip from some far off galactic planet. We call him Alienator.

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  Close Up of
Alienators Head
600 card - Alienator™
A total value of $159.00 if you choose to buy them all separately. But for a
very limited time the Cardtivity Mega Combo Building Toy Set is
only $49.99
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When you place your order for our Mega Combo Kids Gift Set, you will be automatically entered into our monthly contest where we draw two lucky winners from our customer database to win a


Mega Combo Construction Toy Building Gift Set

These holiday gifts for kids are truly an exceptional offer.

We can only afford to make a limited number of these Mega Combo Bonus Sets and in our humble opinion based on how brisk sales have been, if you're on the fence, we would encourage you to order sooner than later. (This is just for those of you who need a little nudge)

If you're one of our customers, you know that this is a genuine value so claim your Mega Combo Building Set Today because they're disappearing pretty quickly!

  • Our products have always sold themselves.
  • We don't do any advertising.
  • We are just telling you how it is.

Coming back later, you could very well find this offer gone because of sold out inventory. Of course, if you have any questions you can order by phone.

And of course it comes with our famous "even if your dog ate it" 100% money back guarantee. If for ANY reason you're not 100% satisfied with your Cardtivity Mega Combo Set or any of our other child educational toys, just return it to us for a FULL REFUND within six months of your original purchase.

Keep Imaginating,

    Steve Beckman
The Inventurer
Jamie Greenberg
The Imaginologist

P. S. Again, we owe our success to all of you amazing parents and kids for buying and loving our construction toy products. This offer is just a way for Steve and I to say thank you for all your support. Enjoy these child educational learning toys that make up the Mega Combo Building Toy Set (order now).

P.P.S. Since we generally don't offer discount toys this is a great opportunity to stock up on some kid's gifts for birthdays and the holidays. They make great presents.

P.P.P.S Don't forget to send us your Cardtivity Creations, creative toys built from your imagination, and we might put it in our Cardtivity online gallery.

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