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Personal Injury Lawyer - Do We Need Them?

Posted on March 19, 2024 by Michael Smith

More often than not, whether or not you caused the accident or are its victim, if you don't seek an appointment having an accident lawyer as quickly as possible following the accident you might well find yourself regretting your choice. The overriding known reasons for saying this are two-fold:

  • The insurance provider you will end up making your claim against want to minimise their losses; and
  • You almost certainly have no idea what you're eligible for.
  • As A Victim Of An Accident

    Let's assume you're the victim of an unfortunate accident. Let's further assume your insurance provider has come through and contains decided to pay all of your medical bills. Now, you might well be feeling your insurance company will be the good guys and you also don't require a lawyer's advice. Wrong!

    What's happened is nothing significantly less than what the insurance provider is obligated to accomplish under the conditions and terms of one's accident policy. Moreover, the insurance provider is hoping to play on the truth that you are feeling somewhat indebted with their generosity.


    That way, they hope, you will not bring about a more impressive claim for everything you are rightly eligible for. Over time that means they don't possess quiet as big an insurance claim loss plus they can still make money from your own policy.

    In short, they're protecting their financial wellbeing at the expense of your entitlement rights. But, if you don't have spoken to an injury lawyer you will not know this and you will believe that everything is okay.

    So, next time you are within an car crash or accident, consider this question: 'Is my insurance provider thinking about protecting me and my rights, or are they more worried about paying a dividend with their shareholders?'


    On another hand, a specialist compensation lawyer is generally an ethical impartial alternative party who knows what your rights are. Apart from possibly being paid a fee, not from or by you, he's also more likely to have another job to greatly help a victim much better than its' insurance provider, (and, remember, if any court proceedings occur, these fees are reclaimed from the opponent side).

    So, why shouldn't they let you know the truth in what accident compensation you're entitled to? Also, even though he has a financial fascination with your case, surely the higher compensated you're, the higher compensated he could be?

    As such, if anything, he's got even more fascination with ensuring you know just what your rights are and of earning sure you claim for all those rights in accordance with what you have entitlement to.

    Looked at it such as this, it fairly simple to see who the interested party is and who the independent party is. Now consider: 'Do you need to take advice from a person who is thinking about minimising your claim, or somebody who is thinking about maximising it?'

    Cause Of An Accident

    Now let's consider it from the viewpoint of, you being the individual responsible in the accident. You might well believe that you have nothing to fear, as your insurance provider can pay for the damage done. You may discover that initially your insurance provider will abide by this. But why...?

    Unless you see a major accident lawyer as quickly as possible following the accident you may never know. Why? Are you currently 100% sure it had been your fault...?

    Being Polite

    The insurance provider needs to be polite, you're their customer! However, after the claim has ended and you're thrilled making use of their service, you're bound to renew your policy. However the extra handful of hundred they require will justify the accident? 'Sir/ma'am, you'd an accident as well as your premium has increased!'

    Knowing just what your rights or obligations want an accident can be hugely tricky. Generally it will be determined by what happened to cause the accident to begin with.

    As such, seeking the advice of a compensation lawyer once you can following an accidental injury may be the only independent way it is possible to really determine and know just what you are eligible for or everything you may be responsible for due to the accident.