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Business Entity Mistakes - Criminal Conduct and Independence

Posted on February 12, 2023 by Michael Smith
In this age of information, most small enterprises understand they want the protection supplied by a corporation or limited liability company.Such protection, however, could be lost though certain actions.Criminal ActionCreating a small business entity only protects a small business and shareholders from civil liability.Civil liability comes from a body of state and federal law which allows for compensation for alleged wrongs...

Arbitration - Protect Yourself

Posted on June 17, 2022 by Michael Smith
The Federal Arbitration Act, enacted in 1925 was originally made to help resolve commercial disputes between businesses.It really is providing the legal basis for the broad usage of arbitration clauses in consumer contracts today.Mandatory binding arbitration is becoming standard business practice in lots of consumer contracts.They're within applications for loans, car leases, employment contracts, insurance and charge card applications...

Preventative Lawyering

Posted on March 14, 2022 by Michael Smith
In this economy, it may seem twice before consulting a lawyer in order to avoid the fees.Sometimes that is clearly a good notion.Sometimes it isn't and can set you back substantially more in future litigation.Here are a few basic guidelines associated with two important issues - contracts and insurance - to greatly help decide when to utilize a lawyer and how exactly to utilize them efficiently.Contracts...