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Pros And Cons Of A Compensation Claim

Posted on April 3, 2023 by Michael Smith

The claims culture arrived also it was chaos. Door canvassers and telesales, knocking and ringing constantly for a personal injury claim. Perhaps you have had a personal injury? Perhaps you have had a major accident within the last 3 years? It went ballistic, new companies evolving and new tricks arrived to place that could work against you.

The Advantages and disadvantages...

The Salespeople

Avoid these folks who stop you in the streets, shopping mall or at the hospitals! They don't really provide a damn about you and surely don't provide a toss what the results is, of one's injury claim. They focus on a commission basis.

The Agreement

Did you ever know very well what was stated before you signed the agreement? I assume not. 'Don't worry it generally does not mean anything, the business will contact you and sort it out'. Did they ever? Today there's so much jargon, i.e. crap, on the market that lots of people just ignore a claim for compensation even though they have a personal injury.

The Bank

In the start it had been always a helping hand together with your claim, until it had been settled, with insurance and loan deductions. Policies were applied for in the thousands which back fired. And guess who supplies the financially funded policies? The BANKS!

The Loan

A loan agreement to invest in a claim is unnecessary, however the salespeople claim 'otherwise it isn't possible to be compensated and you will have to spend a few hundred upfront to obtain started'. However, the deduction is phenomenal because the interest accumulates on the amount of the claim. It might last around 2 years also it gets deducted from your own compensation.

The Big & Small Company

It didn't help the victims since it was deducted from their compensation, but surely helped the BIG companies, who've now declared bankruptcy with millions 'scoped' from their victims. But today you have smaller companies performing a similar trick, we'll do that and we'll do this... making use of their technical wording.

You'll get confused exactly like food, this many calories, protein and fat. There's so much advertisement on offer which you think forget it, adhere to what we normally do. NOTHING!

The Law

Compensation can be an entitlement for legal reasons, for release of funds to the injured to be in an accident or being injured for some form. Accidents do occur, that's life as nobody's perfect. But with the media filling our heads with different slogans, headlines and examples, we have more confused even though everything means a similar thing.

The Media

On TV, there's new advertisers showing victims of accidents and how they will have had a major accident. But what they don't really realise is, each accident is exclusive, why portray victims as happy because they could ever be making use of their payouts. Imagine you doing that? It is a marketing stunt. But unfortunately many do fall for this.

The Solicitor

Specialist solicitors in claims should only handle your case, not just a solicitor with a commercial background. Which means you require a solicitor with experience in the correct field to take care of a personal injury or accident claim.

The Internet

Browse in one site to some other won't help. You will be there forever, all week, all month or all year but still never claim for compensation. Their technical jargon, all mean something similar. We'll do that and we'll do this. Find something simple that can help.

Now you are geared with such knowledge, do yourself a favour?.