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Social Security Denied: Should I Appeal?

Posted on September 2, 2022 by Michael Smith

Social Security Disability isn't designed for everyone who comes with an impairment. In case you are under age 50 and so are still with the capacity of some type of employment in the national economy you then probably cannot get Social Security Disability. You skill is contact a state Department of Rehabilitation and seek assist in obtaining retraining or job placement. This service ought to be free for anybody who comes with an impairment. Needless to say, in case you are still working and making $840.00 or higher you then are presumed never to be disabled.

If you're over 50, then proving disability gets somewhat easier. However, your actual age does indeed not assist you to and soon you are 55 or higher. In case you are 55 or higher, have a severe impairment that prevents past relevant work (PRW), you then certainly are a better candidate for disability. For those who have less than a higher school education, are over 55, and also have just a history of unskilled work, you then are a good better candidate for disability provided you've got a severe impairment. Because the above discussion shows, when trying to get Disability, it is best to be over the age of 55, uneducated, and also have no skills. In the event that you lack these, then your case for Disability becomes harder. Alternatively, additionally it is helpful if the abilities you acquired from your own work are job specific and so are not readily transferable to other occupations.

Of course, you can find those cases where the impairment is indeed severe that employment is precluded despite the fact that the claimant is young or very skilled or highly educated. But most cases involve claimants who because of the impairment cannot do their past relevant work (PRW). Then your Big Question becomes can they do other light work or simply sedentary (sit back work) in the national economy despite their impairment.

Where a person case ties in the process could be determined by a skilled Social Security Attorney. They might measure the case and advise whether it really is worth in the years ahead.