What Licenses Do I Need to Start My Company?

What Licenses Do I Need to Start My Company?

What License do I want to start my business? This is the single most popular question we get, representing more than half of all questions to our question & answer site for small business owners.

There is, regrettably, no comprehensive response to the question.

Every state, county, and municipality has a different set of rules and regulations regarding licensing. There’s just no way to catalogue all the prerequisites for a certain kind of business or location.

What can you, as a possible business owner, do to comply with the licensing requirements?

We strongly suggest that you contact your regional business chamber of commerce for the answers to all local company registration questions. These organizations exist to supply both new and current companies with the resources to be successful.

In some instances, especially if you’re located in a large metropolitan area, you’ll have a selection of chambers for both your first answers and potential membership. I advise that you contact each one to make sure that you get the identical licensing’narrative’. If you get conflicting information you need to have the ability to follow up with the relevant regulatory bodies to find the right information.

If you’ll be setting up your company in a small city or rural area, do not assume you will have fewer or less rigorous business licensing requirements. We’ve got a shop and warehouse at a tiny Central Louisiana city that requires more paperwork and fees annually than our place in Chicago.

If you’re having trouble locating a room for your place, use the resources in the United States Chamber of Commerce site.