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Finding an Injury Lawyer

Posted on September 2, 2023 by Michael Smith
A accidental injury is a thing that we hope to never need to endure.Whether it occurs at the job or elsewhere, there's little doubt that this injury could be traumatic, both in physical and emotional terms.But when you are struggling to extract, perhaps enduring physical therapy, and probably requiring time off work, your finances cane find itself in a lot more dire straits.Thankfully, when you have had an unfortunate injury befall you, there's somewhere it is possible to turn for help...

Filing a Simple Bankruptcy

Posted on May 13, 2021 by Michael Smith
We all know times are tough and, for a number of us, bills are getting harder to pay monthly.If the debts you owe are more than what you can afford, you should read on.Filing a bankruptcy can be the answer to your problems.A bankruptcy is a way to discharge your debts completely so that you can have a fresh start in your financial and personal life.You can only file a bankruptcy once every 6 years and once filed, it can become part of your credit historyBefore filing, you want to know two things: 1) that your monthly expenses (i...