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What is Intellectual Property?

Posted on May 12, 2022 by Michael Smith
Intellectual Property is the product of your thinking which may be used for commercial value.To put it differently, you think about a song and write down the words - you have the legal right to stop others from copying or making a song based on your lyrics.This right you have can make you money if someone is willing to pay you for your tune.Maybe your boss asked you to write a computer program.Who owns the work? You might have designed a new mouse trap and have the design on computer...

Is Asset Protection Legal?

Posted on April 13, 2022 by Michael Smith
Maybe you've heard of or seen Hollywood's portrayal of Swiss Bank accounts, Offshore Trusts and Corporations, and Tax Havens of the rich and famous as jet setting moguls live mysterious yet exciting lives.But in real life, although these same financial structures (most administrated by reputable and legal banks), have been around for centuries, there are still many folks who consider the above strategic asset protection entities as illegal...

Should You Hire An Accident Attorney?

Posted on March 23, 2022 by Michael Smith
When should you consult with an accident lawyer? You should seek the advise of an accident attorney as soon as possible following the collision.Do not wait.You could be giving up certain rights.You should definitely speak with an attorney before speaking with the other sides insurance agent, adjuster or attorney.You say you could not afford a lawyer.Most accident attorneys will consult with you for free and, if they take your case, will handle it on a contingency basis, not taking any fee before the case is settled...

Filing a Simple Bankruptcy

Posted on February 13, 2022 by Michael Smith
We all know times are tough and, for a number of us, bills are getting harder to pay monthly.If the debts you owe are more than what you can afford, you should read on.Filing a bankruptcy can be the answer to your problems.A bankruptcy is a way to discharge your debts completely so that you can have a fresh start in your financial and personal life.You can only file a bankruptcy once every 6 years and once filed, it can become part of your credit historyBefore filing, you want to know two things: 1) that your monthly expenses (i...

Stop Collection Agency Harassment

Posted on January 23, 2022 by Michael Smith
Owing a debt doesn't automatically subject you to harassing, threatening and other inappropriate collection agency behavior.Some collection agencies go too far with what I call"renegade collectors" they will repeatedly call you at your house or business, threaten to send a marshall over to serve you with lawsuit papers or send intimidating letters, appearing to come from a lawyer or law firm, stating that you will lose your car, wages and other property should you not pay your debt! It doesn't matter that you failed to pay a debt or that you can't afford to pay your debt at this time no one should intimidate, threaten or harrass you or coerce you to give out personal or financial details...