Kids gifts like Cardtivity teach logic, develop spatial relationships, And encourage planning and organization of both thoughts and actions

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Cardtivity was founded on the principal of inspiring children to discover their own creative expression by constructing with our plastic card building system. We are committed to outstanding design, state of the art manufacturing technologies and most importantly always improving the play value of our products.

Steve Beckman - Principal, Chief Inventurer

Steve Beckman, A.K.A. Story Bookman the Inventurer, a talented artist dedicated to inventing toys and games for the purpose of inspiring children to discover their own creative expression. He believes that toys with great play and educational value will help contribute to a more peaceful and prosperous world community.

Twenty years of inventing lead Steve to Jamie Greenberg A.K.A., Jamie the Imaginologist whose business, ImagineIF, is a brand and product development company that "turns imagination into business." ImagineIF specializes in developing children's products and entertainment properties.

The research and development of the "house of cards" idea grew into the Cardtivity, LLC partnership between Steve and Jamie, now a surging creative force that has only scratched the surface.

Jamie Greenberg - Principal, Chief Imaginologist

In addition to his ownership responsibilities at Cardtivity, Jamie Greenberg is President and Chief Imaginologist of ImagineIf Brand Development & Licensing,, establishing a reputation as one of the finest creative minds in the industry when it comes to finding ways to market products and obtain the ensuing value added benefits. Among the numerous highlights throughout his 31-year career include:

  • The development and leveraging of a youth marketing and licensing program for the American Red Cross
  • Researching, developing and marketing M&M Minis/ "Star Wars; Return of the Sith" movie candy dispensers
  • Originally licensing "The Original Baseball Frenzy Trivia Game" to toy manufacturer and then later securing a marketing license with Major League Baseball
  • Developing corporate image character and related promotional products for Pfizer's Global Innovation
  • Overcoming stagnant sales in Shelcore Toys' infant/preschool market by conceiving and marketing new sub-brands and pre-school entertainment licenses resulting in over $10 million in worldwide revenue.
  • Assisting Shelcore Toys expand into new divisions resulting in over $5 million in new business from the procurement of entertainment and corporate licenses from major corporations including McDonalds, Kellogg's, Heinz, and Universal Studios, and product placements at major retailers such as Wal-mart, Target, and Toys R Us.

Mr. Greenberg holds a rich history in developing youth marketing programs on a global scale basis. Prior to ImagineIf, he was Senior Vice President of Shellcore Toys in Somerset, New Jersey, where his primary responsibilities included securing and capitalizing on new global marketing opportunities by forming strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 companies and establishing relationships with major worldwide corporations including McDonald's, Kellogg's and Heinz.

He also was responsible for forging relationships with major licensing departments of TV and movie studios in promoting various youth services and brands through his established corporate clients' audiences.

Mr. Greenberg's earlier career path saw him dabble in children's theater, where as president of ImagineIf Productions, he served as executive producer, director and agent for live children's theater, workshops, musicals and media. In this role, his main career highlights included the launching of a pilot television script which was positively received by various media companies, and producing three children's CDs resulting in over 27,000 units sold and earning him the prestigious "Parents Choice Award."